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Pat Rooney has reached an agreement with a publisher regarding the release of For Love Nor Love, the first of his two recently completed fiction novels.   A third book is in the final stages and three others outlined.

If you are a regular on the site or have done some browsing, you may have seen that Pat Rooney is a retired police officer from the Baltimore County Police Department in Maryland.  One of his hobbies has been writing.  He has finally had enough time to finish some of the stories he started over the last few years.  Although the primary stories are fiction, some of the incidents refered to are based on true life.  Just like some of the more famous crime dramas, the names have been changed.

The stories add in some historical perspective to give the reader a little background  on the locations used in the book.  Although 'locals' will especially enjoy the books, there is enough reference so anyone can feel like they frequented the area.

Just what is it that makes a cop tick?  Some of that insight is revealed in the books.   Keep an eye out for the release of these books in hardback, paperback, and e-book.

For Love Nor Love    being published - release date in September 2012

Who killed one of the best defense attorneys in Baltimore?  What secret may have been the underlying reason for his success and maybe his death?  Just weeks after Charles Dewey, Esquire, gets an alleged cop killer aquitted, he and the client are found murdered the same morning.  Later that day, the judge that granted the aquittal is shot outside the courthouse in another jurisdiction.   Coincidence?  Or is there a vigilante loose in the crime ridden streets of metropolitan Baltimore?  Maybe there's more than one.

Mick Driscoll, a retired cop now private detective, accidentally becomes involved in the investigation.  Or is his involvement as innocent as it appears? 

Murder In The Pines

Ten years after a motorcycle officer is gunned-down during a 'routine' traffic stop, the case is still unsolved.  That is until Kelli Murphy, a bright newly assigned detective in homicide starts finding evidence and clues the original team of detectives missed, including her now retired from the department father.  Is she that good, that lucky, or is she getting help from someone?   

Quack Quack, You're Dead

The body of a doctor is discovered in his office.  But why was he killed?  And why in the manner in which he was?  Was it a random act or was the 'perp' looking for something?  Drugs?  Maybe.  But there might just be something a little more to this 'doctor' and his practice than meets the eye.

The Phoenix Affair

Someone is trying to kill a friend of Mick Driscoll and his friend doesn't know why--or at least he isn't saying.


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