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Welcome to the L.T. Performance Group !

The fun part of the Rooney Protective Consulting Group.

What does protection and your car have in common, what kind of consulting can make
the difference, and how did a security firm ever get into this?

The idea came up because a lot of people for some reason, maybe revealed somewhere
else on this site, hint hint
, thought I knew a lot about cars and automotive safety.  For
years, I've been requested for opinion and guidance regarding automotive parts and
their use, legal or otherwise. 

Well, being some people regard their cars, trucks, and motorcycles to be the most important thing in their life, there is a lot to be said for wanting to protect it, while at the same time protecting themselves from fines and lawsuits.

Traffic fines and insurance premiums can often times make owning a high performance car cost-prohibitive.  And then, for those that still want to venture into that realm of seeing what you can get away with, it becomes a game of cat and mouse with the local police.  I should know, I was one of those 'cats' for many years.

This site is being provided to help keep you out of trouble while letting you enjoy your ride and maybe giving you a few pointers on helping you promote your car or truck along the way.  Go to our advice section to read some suggestions and recommendations on how to prepare for, participate, judge, and host car shows.

The L.T. Performance Group is proud to be the home to ShowCards by Suze, the best show boards to promote your car, truck, or motorcycle.  Once you compare the quality, workmanship, and originality of ShowCards by Suze, you'll determine them to be a true investment for your ride.  Suze can also be commissioned to do paintings and drawings of your ride.

The L.T. Performance Group is also the home of a 1 of 1 modern Mopar muscle car, "The Black Pearl" ; a 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT.  The "Pearl" was designed by the Group to be what the Dodge deisgn team forgot.  Although the SRT Challenger is one fantastic car from the factory, the potential needed to be unlocked.  Before Mr. Norm, Petty Engineering, or Hurst even got their hands on a new Challenger, "The Black Pearl" was already outfitted through the Dealer and Mopar Performance with Mopar DynaTech headers, a Mopar Corsa cat-back exhaust, the Mopar cold air intake, a custom Diablo Predator Tune, a Mopar strut tower brace, a 180 degree thermostat swap, and a Hurst shifter.  But performance is only part of "The Black Pearl's" attraction.  Rear window louvers and hood pins help preserve the original 1970's Challengers legacy on which the design of the new Challengers are so heavy based.   Under her hood displays one of the most outstanding dress-ups of a modern muscle car.  Using parts from Billet Technologies (BT), the 6.1 Hemi and underhood dress-ups include polished valve covers and coil pack covers, a polished BT catch can, all caps are polished billet aluminum, a polished billet power steering fluid reservoir cover, a custom engraved polished billet fuse block cover, a polished billet water pump outlet, and braided stainless covered hoses.  A set of GTS smoked headlight and foglight covers add a sinister look.  Just one glimpse and listen makes the "Pearl" unmistakable.   All in all, the "Pearl" is built the way all SRT cars should come from the factory.

'The Black Pearl' has recently been upgraded with a limited edition chrome ATI Performance Products 'SuperDamper'.  L.T. Performance worked with ATI on the development of this SuperDamper and it is readily available in extremely limited quantities.  Not only does it give a few more 'ponies' and protect the crankshaft from torsional vibrations, it (above left) is one heck of a lot better than the one from the factory (above right).  There has to be a reason all of the NASCAR engine builders swear by them.  This limited edition SuperDamper is available from High Horse Performance.  Go to our links page to contact them about getting one for your 6.1 Hemi.

Now take a look inside at our site and enjoy it.  Be sure to stop by ShowCards by Suze to see the how individualized your show board can be.  Visit our advice pages and see how to better enjoy car shows and make them successful.  And don't forget to stop by a pics pages and see some of the best cars, trucks, and bikes.  

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

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