No matter whether your concern is the security and safety of your family, or that of
your corporation's assets,
can provide a solution to reduce your vulnerability
to crime.

RPCGI will help identify risks that could increase your chances of becoming a victim
of criminal activity. Once identified, we will make recommendations on how to reduce
or eliminate these risks through recognized methods of crime prevention or reduction.

One area of special interest is our training in the field of Workplace Violence
Interdiction. Workplace Violence costs companies millions of dollars every year.
Even the slightest incidents, if there is such a thing, can cause a reduction in
productivity. Our awareness training can prepare supervisors, administrators, and
Human Resources personnel with information that may reduce the company's
chances of an issue with an employee escallating into a violence episode.

Each and every client is treated with the same professionalism, respect, and

Why hire a consultant ?

Unfortunately, most people are reluctant to find fault in themselves. Most people
cannot look into a mirror and point out what is wrong. The same goes for security.
Sit back and take a look at your own security and safety. Even if you know something
about security, chances are you will not tell yourself what vulnerabilities you have.
You will find more reasons and excuses why the normal measures don't apply to you.

And in corporate America, even post 9/11, those involved in committees to look at
security are too worried about how they look to their bosses to point out vulnerabilities
or find fault with the company's policies.

We at RPCGI do not sell the merchandise. We do not sell you the lighting, locks,
, or security services. What we do provide is an honest recommendation on
what merchandise or measures you should consider. We don't pressure you into
buying something you don't need. If we recommend a particular measure, it stays as a
recommendation. If you go "shopping", you may end up being pressured into
purchasing measures you may not need. Remember, our fee is not dependant on how
much material you buy from us.

We maintain a network of what we have found to be the best in each discipline and
provide you with choices, not requirements. If you decide to invest in some or all of
our recommendations, we will assist you in contacting these providers and continue to
work with you until the service is done. And even if you prefer to use someone from
outside our network, we will make sure you do not get taken advantage of.

We are networked with the best providers of services and have done your
"homework" for you. We do not work for these providers. We strictly refer you to
who we have found to be the best for our clients.

Training Division



Training Division

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