Advice to Participants, Judges, and Promoters

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Have you ever participated in a car show where you felt it was a waste of time?
Have you ever left a show and felt you were only there to boost the number of cars?
Did you ever feel you only showed up at a car show to boost the amount of money raised?

Welcome to the club!

Speaking of clubs, did you ever sit by and watch everybody else drive away with a prize at "participant voting" only shows?  Maybe the same guy winning year after year?

Once again, welcome to the club!

Did you ever feel you weren't considered for an award because your car was too new, too old, too foreign, too American, too small, too big?

Welcome, again!

And what about watching your car lose because you aren't as pretty as the owner of the car that won?

Yeah, there's a bunch of us in that club too.  After all you thought you were entering a car show didn't you?  You didn't know you were participating in Miss America or Hustler's centerfold competition did you?

And speaking of clubs, did you ever think you didn't win because you weren't a member of a particular club?

Yep!  You're there.

What we're going to help you with is a few pointers on what shows are good, which ones are bad, which ones you may want to support, and which ones only want your support.

And for you judges out there, or those of you who think you're judges, we even want to help you make the right decision on how to score cars in shows. 

Sadly, too many shows whose promoters had good intentions; a good charity to contribute to funds raised by the show for example, will never see the show grow because of poor, or what impresses the participants to be poor quality, judging, or promotion.

Well, we're going to try to help change that.    Did someone say "Secret Cruiser"?!?

If you participate in shows and want a few pointers on what to do and not do at shows,

If you are a judge and want some advice,

If you are a car show promoter and want your shows be successful,

Helping to Make a Car Show Successful