The AeroPlate License Plate Bracket

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You've just spent a fortune on your new Dodge Challenger SRT, R/T, or SE and you're faced with a dilema.  Your salesman asks if you want them to put your front license plate on for you.  You are immediately tempted to say, "Of course."  After all, you are a totally law-abiding citizen, aren't you?  But then, hopefully with some persuading from your saleman, you notice the gorgeous lines, the beautiful smooth paint glistening in the sunshine.  "Heck, it's not like I'm going to be driving it every day.  Chances are, I can get away with it."

I just want to remind you, chances are, at some time, probably sooner than later, you are going to forget that you are that "totally law-abiding citizen", and get a little heavier with that right foot.  Those 425 horses are going to take-off with you strapped to them and your friendly local or state law enforcement officer decides you just made his day.  What day is it, by the way?  For you, probably Twosday; one for speeding and one for not displaying that front tag.

Granted, the front licence plate on a Challenger, Vette, maybe even a Mustang, may be the most hideous thing on the front of a car since the Edsel Grill, but for those states that still require it, about 35 at last count, you could spend anywhere from $50 to $250 for that, shall we say little act of 'indiscretion'.

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