To Be or Not To be... Legal that it.

Yeah, just like you, I dreaded the thought of drilling four holes in the front nose of my new Challenger SRT to mount the god-awlful ugly front license bracket Dodge sent with it.  Why they could take the time to produce a car like the Challenger and then couldn't take a few extra minutes to come up with a front license bracket that wouldn't mar the appearance is beyond me.  Chevrolet did the same thing with the Corvette.  Take a world-class car and miss a detail like the front tag bracket?  Shameful!

Why?  Cheap?  Maybe, but I think the real issue is input and rushing to get the car on the market.  How many shots of the concept car did you see with a front license plate on it?  ZERO!  I don't think they planned for it.

That's right, I live in a state that still requires two license plates.  And frankly, I'd rather spend the fine on the car than to put it in the pocket of the governor who'll spend it on social projects that won't benefit me at all.

Sure, like so many of you, I could drive around without it and hope not to get caught.  That's a lot like driving around with a radar/laser detector hoping the guy in front of you gets checked.  Or you could mount the one that came with the car.  (Yuck!)  Or you could install the MMI Aero-Plate front license plate bracket from LT Performance Group.

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